Bolivia trip

Well the trip was long, exciting and filled with twists and unexpected events. We arrived at Miami Airport, parked in a cheaper parking lot for longterm parking, took a shuttle to the airport, got ready to check our luggage and then we were told that we needed visa photos. They don’t take them at the airport so we had to take all our luggage back to the shuttle, get back in our car, find a Walgreens (I bought a Monster since I needed the caffine), get the photos, head back to the airport, park in the airport parking garage, run, check the luggage and sprint to catch our flight. The flight was maybe 9 hours long with a quick stop in La Paz where they searched everyone’s seats. We got to VVi airport in Santa Cruz and found out that they take the visa photos down there, the airline had not given us the paperwork they were supposed to give us to fill out and I had to translate for my whole family.
After all this we finally got to the mission base and settled in. We were shown around the market there and much to my disgust, they had hung pigs’ head up, the intestines and had entire dead chickens piled on top of each other. The smell was horrible.
I must say that the food down there was excellent though it is hard for me to look at chicken the same way I used to. I won’t tell you everything we did but here are a few highlights:
Burgers in the center of the city: we went to a place for lunch that specializes in burgers. I can’t remember the name of the place but it was amazing.
Pizza Junior: best pizza place in Santa Cruz – the cheese grease literally pools around the pizza and it tastes so good!
(not really a highlight but kinda important)- I was bit by a fire ant down there and my foot swelled to the size of a softball. It took 4 days to shrink to a normal size. The whole time I had to wear sandals since my tennis shoes wouldn’t fit. This leads me to my next quick notification.
I did do a little parkour there but after I got bit nothing happened because my shoe didn’t fit. There was a playground at the base and I just messed around with it.
On our way home, everyone was feeling sick in one way or another….We got back to Miami and what has happened? The airline had again forgotten to give us our customs forms and we had to tangle with the customs officers, get in and out of line, fill out the forms, get back in line and get waved through. Then a five hour drive home with the driver deaf in one ear from the flight and air pressure differences.
So that was the trip in a nutshell. We visited orphans, family and friends. We ate great food and had our difficulties with travel. Yet we all got home safe. again, give me topics you want me to post on and I’ll do my best!


I’m back!!!!! Bolivia here I come!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So I’m almost normal…have a knee problem but it is being addressed.  Tomorrow I get on plane bound for Bolivia and will be there for 2 weeks. Upon my safe return I will tell you all of my adventures.  I plan on doing some parkour and some sightseeing.  I will bring back pictures and stories.  Let me know what you want me to post on and I’ll make a list and start posting on different things.

Parkour :)

Well, I don’t know how many people will read this but if anyone does and either knows of parkour or actually practices it let me know 🙂 I used to train for it but currently am unable due to a concussion and a fractured finger. If anyone wants to discuss it or wants tips, I am more than happy to help/talk about it 🙂 To any traceurs: train hard, train safe!